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Teaching for testing...

Here in NM, the teachers I've worked with seem to be constantly testing their students. Some teachers I've talked to were thinking of getting out of the field because according to them, there was no time to instruct students. They'd teach for a week or two, and then go right back to testing. I don't know how much of this is true.

Two weeks in March are "state testing" weeks. The whole darn lunch, recess, and activities schedule are compromised because of the stupid testing. These test go on throughout the day and we were not even allowed to take our special needs children out in certain areas because they made too much noise! But, this is something that I expect. However, in April students begin A2L testing (for the district) and this seems to go on forever! It's done on computer, so that means that up until the last three weeks of school, the computer room is unusable!

All the teachers are telling me that it is like this everywhere. I don't remember it being like this when I taught in California. Is it like this in Colorado?
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